Mobile development


Everything has the beginning, and we begin with the strategy. We will discuss your ideas, wishes as well as subject and assignment of future application, periods and budget. We will create the optimum strategy for mobile app development and that is important - we will follow it.


Rockylabs - thoughtful and responsible architects and designers which are really keen on the business. And we will decide and consider with great interest the exceptional tasks which arose in your app. We will make a frame of a mobile app, think over its logic of navigation as well as pay due attention to an interactive prototype. You will be able to see how a system works, and our team will reveal needs and which elements of the system require finishing.


We envelop a big range of tasks in design: Design, usability, graphic design, interactive design, user interface. Our UX-designer will realize an integrated approach to design of user interaction interface, having made it convenient, clear and simple. The UI designer of our team will think over everything so that all elements of the interface will be organized and aligned. We will have uniform style and space around themselves.

Programming and Testing

When we are engaged in development of your mobile app, everything will become … Even better. Better because we move only forward and up, caring for the client and enhancing own skills. Rockylabs uses only new technologies, providing to a product safety in operation, high-speed performance and quality. Whatever will be the task: server part application development, client part development, native development - all will be executed by top-level experts. We will try to obtain in every way perfect operation of your application, even after a development stage. Our team holds testing on different devices therefore we will allow enough time that as a result you will be satisfied with this development stage and be confident in our product.

Release and Attending

The right place for each application. Apps for Android - Play Market, iOS - Appstore, Windows Phone - Windows Store. Don't worry, relax in a seat and ask us. We will do our work. We will make corrections to app paying attention to all your wishes.

Let's work together